The Spitvalve Podcast LIV – Here’s My Number, Tattoo My Body


Everybody, Meg’s here! Wharff crosses personal boundaries without knowing people (like always), Damon knows way too much for his own good (like always), and Meg is a fantastic guest (like always…that’s the subtle way of saying we’ll have you back Meg). Despite not actually being on the show, Best Friend Cameron makes an appearance when he won’t stop texting Wharff about Google Maps with Pokemon. Also, thinking up a bronze medal life is hard. It’s all here, and ready for an ear cuddle.

Topics Were:

First Best Friend
Gold Medal Life
Let’s Play a Game (MASH)

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The Spitvalve Podcast LIII – Double Spit Take


Join us, one and all, for another exciting Leopold Rising reunion! The writer, James, graces us with his presence and sultry tones. Seriously, this guy should be a jazz lounge singer in the 1950s. Anyways, right out of the gate we talk about which M&Ms are the best M&Ms (spoiler alert: it’s not peanut). With stakes starting out this high, you can only imagine how much awesome we crammed into this episode!

Topics Were:

Early Influences
World Ruler For a Day
Horror Films

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The Spitvalve Podcast LII.5 – Dat Asgard


And the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the glorious second part and conclusion to our wonderful one year celebration! You guys, we know you loved the first part, and this just keeps the hits rolling. Look forward to hearing Best Friend Cameron and Special Guest Nick’s voices for what seems like the first time. Also, Cousin Caleb seems to have an uncanny ability to milk real laughter out of Damon, which is a treat. Katie is adorable, as always, and tries to get out of commenting, like always. Seriously you guys, this is gold.

Topics Were:
Damon – Let’s Play a Game (Love, Like, Hate, Hate-Like)
Best Friend Cameron – Best/Worst Foreign Foods
Cousin Caleb – Car of the Future
Special Guest Nick – Sci-Fi Tech You Want

Click Here to enjoy the hilarity that ensues when Google tries to guess what you want, what you really, really want.

The Spitvalve Podcast LII – Hebrewversary


Holy flying crap you guys, it’s finally here. ONE FULL YEAR OF EPISODES!!! Now, those 52 weeks might not have been consecutive, but really, who was counting? Well, besides you Damon. Anyways, we rounded up some seasoned veteran guests, and had them chose their most desired topics of conversation from the Master List of every topic we’ve covered thus far (which must be getting pretty close to the combined knowledge of all history of mankind). However, as you’ll find out, our opinions and anecdotes were far too girthy to fit into a single hour-long episode, so we’ll be doing this over 2 weeks. That’s right, bust out the headphones, and prepare for some sweet, sweet musings. In all seriousness, we would like to offer our most sincere thanks for sticking with us for an entire year (and change) of your lives. You guys and gals really are the best.

Topics Were and Topic Pickers Were:

Wharff – Child of the 90s
Katie – Time Travel Destination

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The Spitvalve Podcast LI – Tweet Us Your Thesis


In this episodes we return to our roots. And by that I mean it’s just Damon and Wharff sitting in a room and talking about crap. No artificial enhancements, no doping, just raw, delicious BS. It also bears mentioning that following the podcast we listened to terrible lines from old Resident Evil games. And by terrible, I mean wonderful.

Topics Were:

Personal Music Theme
What Have You Been Reading?
Super Powers That You Have

Click Here to finally understand the definition of the word “heartthrob”.

The Spitvalve Podcast L – Party All Night in the KSC


50 episodes guys! How crazy is that? Also, how weird does the Roman Numeral for 50 look in the episode title? It’s driving me a little crazy, it looks like my sausage fingers struck the “L” key on their way to the hyphen somehow. Anyways, it’s been a wild ride. On this episode, enjoy the familiar, soothing, and rugged voice of Best Friend Cameron during his triumphant return! (And rest assured, while he didn’t do so good creating his own state on the spot, he hasn’t shut up about it for the past week)

Topics Were:

Early Reading
Upsetting Science
Create a State

Click here for endless random music creation fun!

The Spitvalve Podcast XLIX – Just Clowns


In this episode, we have super awesome guest star Nick Gibson! Pay special attention to how sexily bassy his voice is. But, we must speak of darker things. As you’ll learn in this episode, Wharff is watching back through the Star Wars Prequels with his girlfriend. So, if he sounds a little more bummed and melancholy than usual, it’s because George Lucas took his dreams and crushed them in his sweaty, drunken hands. Not all is sad though, because Damon saves the day with quirky anecdotes and a handsome new haircut!

Topics Were:

Before You Die
Make a Goosebumps Book
James Bond

Click Here to test your own James Bond knowledge, and here to check out the James Bonding Podcast Damon mentions.

The Spitvalve Podcast XLVIII – Super Weakness


You guys, here is yet another historic episode of The Spitvalve Podcast. First, Liz is back! It’s always so refreshing to have people return to guest on the show! Second, this is the longest episode – ever! We hope you enjoy the extra few minutes of us. Lastly, we made a slight change to the setup. After realizing (with the help of people telling us) that many of our episodes end so abruptly, it’s assumed we just screwed up the file, we’ve added a brand new show ending sound effect! It’s very high quality, and we had to pay a lot of money to use it. Make sure you enjoy it in all of its splendor.

Topics Were:

Bad Advice From Your Life
Favorite Worst Movies
Let’s Play a Game (MASH)

Click Here to try and discover where you are when randomly placed somewhere in the world! It’s like Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego, but you’re Carmen Sandiego – finding yourself. Existential, right?

The Spitvalve Podcast XLVII – Get That Bread


Hey everyone, Brennon is back! It’s a very happy reunion, which you can tell from the amount of Wharff’s laughter. If you think the normal cast can get off topic easy, just you wait for this glorious reunion. You might start thinking that Star Wars was a topic, but it sure wasn’t.

Topics Were:

Fashion History
Favorite/Least Favorite Foreign Foods
Let’s Play a Game!

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Listen, usually I try hard not to post our random link as something related to show content, but serious, I need to give Belated Media some mad props for creating such an awesome potential Star Wars prequel world: Click Here for What if Episode I Was Good? and Here for What if Episode II Was Good?

The Spitvalve Podcast XLVI – Lifting the Table


Today is a truly historic day. It marks the first time the podcast has been uploaded remotely! This file is coming to you hot from the Salt Lake International Airport. I would say that we’re doing it as a promotional stunt, but really, I totally forgot to post before I left town. Exciting times, right? Also, bear witness to the glorious return of Dave & Erin, as demonstrated by their dulcet tones.

Topics Were:

Visit a Fictional Universe
I Wish I Could…
Car History

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